Collin Selman

Collin Selman lives with his family in Waco, Texas and attends high school online which allows him to maintain a busy schedule of rehearsals, performances, and keeping up with family and friends.  He caught the acting bug early when he was picked to play the coveted role of “Santa” in his elementary school Christmas play, stealing the show.  Since that time he has become an accomplished performer under the tutelage of acting coach Linda Haskett, the Founder & Director of Waco Children’s Theater.  Collin is an avid singer and actor, taking leading roles in productions of “The Yellow Brick Road” (The Wizard), “The Heavenly Search for Rock & Roll” (Dick Clark), and “All Shook Up” (Dean Hyde) as well as being a camp counselor for Waco Children’s Theater’s summer program, fostering a love of music and acting in younger performers.  Last summer, he attended the Young Musician’s Crash Course at the Septien Entertainment Group, directed by Linda Septien with private instruction with W. T. Greer. He is now a member of the prestigious Masters Program at Septien.  Collin is an honors student, and in addition to singing and acting enjoys playing guitar and piano.  Follow him on twitter at @CollinRSelman or check this website for updates on upcoming performances and appearances.

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  1. I love the song, love your voice and you sang it beautifully. You have an awesome gift, use it wisely. May God bless you and your future.

  2. Love his amazing talents! He’s a great person and singer! Everyone should go and listen to him! Wish you the best Collin!

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